Can We Not Pretend? 


“I have raised my daughter like a son”

“I have raised my daughter like a son.” This sentence is something I fail to understand. And, whenever I hear someone say it, it makes me uncomfortable. I heard it in some video recently, where a father proudly said that he has raised his daughter like his son. It made me ponder upon the way I was raised. And I realized, my parents never raised my as a “son”. Does that mean my upbringing isn’t right? I have been brought up as a CHILD needs to be. Not how a daughter should be raised or a son should be. They’ve raised me the way I needed to be. They expect me to wear traditional clothes at weddings, but also never object when I come back home at midnight wearing jeans. The liberties I get and I rights I have, as a member of my family are not dependent on my gender nor the opposite gender. I really don’t get this – why compare? A daughter should be treated like ‘this’ and a son should be treated like ‘that’? And who said, the way you treat and raise your son is correct, and hence you should also start raising your daughters like that? I have been raised the way I should have been. Not as an “equal”. My rights, my liberties, all depend on my age, needs and wants. And the same applies to my brother. Both of our rights and roles in the family are different. Does that mean I am inferior or he is? No. We have been raised as two independent children and not as a “son” or a “daughter”!

My thoughts on the book – “Marry me, Stranger” by – Novoneel Chakraborty


Okay, first of all I don’t understand why real talented people like Novoneel are underrated and fad crappy ones are over-popular?
Well, forget it, that’s an all together different matter. I am just so extremely thankful to my Gods, for having to come across Novoneel right from his second book, “That kiss in the rain”. It was actually was a second hand copy I bought from a local store after the salesman pushed it on me. I still haven’t thanked him though (updating To-Do list). I was immensely in love with the book back then that I immediately friended him on Facebook, but didn’t have the courage to talk to him. Well, I did eventually 🙂 And I am extremely glad I did 😉

Now coming to the book – Well, if I too had a stranger in my life just the way Mini has (in the book) I too would wanna actually marry him!

I was absolutely spell bounded with the storyline and the plot. I literally had to read the prologue thrice, (No, I am not stupid). He has written it amazingly well, a thriller romantic – just un-put-down-able. The character of the stranger is so well shaped, charming yet scary at the same time. The flow of the story is completely unexpected, and so intriguing.
I am right now so tempted to write a few details about the story but you know, I don’t want to give away spoilers 🙂

The depth of each of the quotes in the book, has become more of a self-help for me. I actually want to write some of them down on fancy paper and stick it in my room! Ah, I sound like such a crazy fan-girl. But, seriously, take your time out, make a hot cup of your favorite beverage, get under the sheets, and give all your time to, “Marry me, Stranger”.

With all the online discounts, I don’t think you even need to think twice before, ‘adding it to your cart’ 😉

Since “Marry me, Stranger” is part 1 of the trilogy, he really has ended it on a cliff-hanger! I am now so curious as to what happens next, that I just want to drive down to his house and keep ringing his doorbell till he tells me everything!

Are you curious too? Well, you’d be even more once you’re done reading 😉